Classical Dressage Training with Spanish Riding School Masters


Carol Popp is a certified Classical Dressage Riders’ Association Trainer  and  Test  Administrator  at  Grand  Prix  level, a USDF Bronze & Silver Medalist, an author, clinician and experimental archeologist.  She has had  the great fortune to be  trained in the  methods of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Austria by masters Arthur Kottas Heldenberg, Norbert Tchautcher, Hans Riegler, Ernst Bachinger, Karl Mikolka and Hubert Rohrer.  Her mentor of 20 years during her competitive dressage career was Dr. Max Gahwyler, well known FEI judge, clinician and author.    



It is her passion as an academically schooled trainer to pass this knowledge on to her students in order to preserve the humane, classical methods and philosophy that are the only time proven methods to consistently produce correct, happy horses of all breeds and disciplines.  Carol teaches classical riding, in-hand work, work in the short lines and airs above the ground.      


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