Carol's Books

Form Follows Function, A Treatise on the Development of Saddles and the Rider's Seat 

I have had a lifetime fascination with antiquity as it applies to man’s interaction with the horse.  Mainly, I have always been curious about the riding and training techniques of ancient peoples and I enjoy constructing replicas of ancient bits, bridles, saddles and weapons with which I have ridden my horses to feel first hand what the ancient horsemen experienced and to understand why their riding techniques and equipment developed as they did.  I have built and ridden in the major types of saddles and bridles found through history and have given live demonstrations of those techniques. As a result I have developed an intimate understanding of how and why our modern day saddles and riding techniques have developed into their present forms. 

Timing of the Aids, Riding by Feel ...To be published soon.

Many books have been written over the years about how to ride and how to train horses.  While many books by the Old Masters explain how and when one should apply the aids to obtain a specific reaction from the horse, it is very difficult for the average rider to know the exact moment to do this in order to go with the horse's motion.  I have explained how each part of the horse's stride feels to the rider and when to apply aids to communicate properly to the horse and to develop the movements to their maximum for each horse's ability. from basic walk, trot and canter up to and including piaffe and passage.   


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