Video Lessons

Carol Popp provides written critiques of videos, CDs or DVDs to her students from around the World.  Carol's students from Australia, Austria, Denmark, England, Italy. Newfoundland and Brazil take "lessons" from Carol via "long distance".  The fee is $100 per hour of actual video time.   This is an excellent way to avail yourself of Carol's expertise when it is not possible for you to take a lesson with her.

If you would like to submit a video of your riding please follow the steps below:

          1.  Take video in a well lit area.  If taken outside,

                remember to keep the sun at the filmtaker's back.

          2.   Wear clothes of a contrasting color from that of

                your horse so that your image stands out.  Use 

                polo wraps or boots of a contrasting color from

                your horse's legs to make them easier to see.

          3.   Submit DVD to Carol at 29 Ramapoo Road,

                 Ridgefield, Conn.  06877.  Don't forget to provide

                 your return address. Or, send via email.


Remember that the critique you receive is only as good as the visability of the video you provide.  Response time is two weeks due to mail times to and from your address.


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