Our Schoolmasters

"No one can teach you to ride as well as a horse."  C. S. Lewis 


Our well trained schoolmasters allow students to feel correct movements.

There is no question about whether or not the horse knows the movements or understands the rider's aids.  These equine artists respond to the aids they are given.  In addition to Carol's advices, riders know whether or not their aids were given correctly by the response of the horse.  Each horse is a perfect gentleman so riders can focus on learning instead of worrying about naughty behavior.  

Unlike many riding schools, we do not overuse our schoolmasters.  They are worked once a day either in a lesson or by a trainer.  They receive at least one day off every week and daily turnout,  They receive weekly massage therapy to keep their muscles fit. They are provided with the best of care, nutrition and attention and they enjoy every minute of their work time!


They are an assorted cast of characters, each with his own personality and special talents.  See next page.


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