Hidden Bridge Farm specializes in catering to the needs of adult amateurs who are busy professionals and parents needing flexibility in their schedules .  This allows them to enjoy their horses and know that they are well taken care of when they are away on business or unable to be with them.

Lessons can be scheduled during weekday mornings and on weekends.

Carol is willing to work with riders just starting in the discipline of dressage as well as advanced FEI riders, recognizing that only a correct foundation can produce correct upper level riders and horses.

Carol accepts working students and riders who wish to trailer in for lessons.  Lessons can also be arranged on our lovely school masters who are bomb proof equestrian artists .  They give instant feedback to their riders., teaching the rider the timing and feel of correctly executed movements of the classical art of dressage.  Video critiques or "lessons" can be submitted for review as well.  We can recommend and/or arrange lodging at local historic Inns located within minutes of the Farm for students traveling in from other countries or distant locations.  Call in advance.

Carol is available to give clinics and exhibitions at other farms by appointment.





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